Saturday, January 30, 2010

Advice is so much easier to give, than to receive...

I really need to remember that sometimes, singing off key is just plain old ok.

I am far too critical of myself.

I'm sad, because someone I consider to be a very cool person and a friend (for the few times I see him, lol) is moving, but I'm excited for him, that he's taking on a new opportunity. He deserves it! (Love you, Mark!!)

A recap of my evening - singing, pool, and Destructo-Jess breaking the Denny's bathroom, piece by piece. ;) And "Jamie, you always pick the best friends!" (Sandy, in reference to getting my co-worker Jim to hang out with us. Poor Jim. His musician's ears must have been bleeding after karaoke last night...)

I have an knack for picking and matching up similar people to all hang out. What can I say?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy....

And here's what I've come up with...

I am most happy when I am doing this...

For these boys...

And I REALLY want one of these...

All while singing along to stuff like this...


I think I was born in the WRONG decade. LOL

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A random thought...

When you're bored, watch the Outdoor channel. Right now, dude's hunting elephants in Africa. With a BOW. This is highly entertaining - we're taking bets on whether the elephant will just LAUGH, or run over and bitchslap the dude with his trunk...

Why is saying no so hard?

Trust me, saying no today has been very gratifying. I know it's just not for me anymore. I know it causes me more grief and drama than I care to deal with. But still, saying no is such a hard word for me.

The backlash, however, is going to suck. I give it about an hour before my phone blows up.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, wait, two more, #62 and #70!

Forgot these, but found them as I was going through the list.

#62: Wear a skirt for no reason.

Ok, well, there was a reason - I promised Liz I would so she wouldn't be the only one. But it wasn't a special event (housewarming party for the boys) and I would normally wear jeans and a t-shirt, so it was out of the norm for me. And everyone gave me compliments, so I guess it wasn't all so bad. ;)

#70: Buy red lipstick.

After my fab day with Gigi, I didn't buy the MAC lipstick I tried, but I DID go to WalMart later and ended up picking up a red lipstick there. And it seemed to go over well. :)

A few more numbers checked off... #17 and #28

Go me!

#17: Meet a HAB.

If you don't know what a HAB is, you don't need to know, but the end result is that Gigi and I had a great day putzing around together on Wednesday, 1/6/2010. It was super fun and I can't wait to hang out with her again!

#28: Go to the open jam at Firehouse.

I've been promising Jim that I would go for, oh, about 6 months now, and on Tuesday, 1/5/2010, I finally went. It's a blast, and although that week it was small, the music was still awesome. If you've never been - definitely check it out - great musicians! Now I just have to get more people to go, so poor Will doesn't look so bored (Not really his scene, lol, not a blues fan I guess!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

And #48 is complete....

So my last post (about 5 minutes ago) mentioned "the list", and #48 is complete. I removed the baby info from the sidebar here. Why? Because it's time to look forward, not back. I remember those moments like it was yesterday, I don't need a detailed list reminding me every 5 seconds.

Baggage packed, and filed away for another day. :)

So, I've decided to make this year a bit more interesting...

It's not the most original idea, but here it is. I sat down, and made a list of 100 things I want to do this year. Some are stupid, some are to reconnect with friends, some are to better myself, and some are just things that I enjoy, but never make time to do. I'm calling it my supersecret project, because I'm not sharing the list with anyone yet, in whole... but as I finish each thing, I'll blog it here. So stay tuned, cause from what I've got on that list, it should be an interesting year, indeed...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm a perfectionist, so why is everything so out of order?

Do you know what sucks about being a perfectionist? If you're like me, it means nothing ever gets done. Because you look at something, and it must be done just so, and you start on it, and realize what a huge project it is, and get sidetracked, and 7 hours later, you forgot what it was that you were trying to perfect this time. And then you give up.

I'm determined to restore order to life. The last 9 months have been one big mash of anti-social,no motivation hell. It's been 9 months. I need to get back to normal life. I need to stop procrastinating and do something about all the stuff that's been bugging me, instead of just letting it bug me.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Blah, I say. F you, chaos.