Saturday, January 30, 2010

Advice is so much easier to give, than to receive...

I really need to remember that sometimes, singing off key is just plain old ok.

I am far too critical of myself.

I'm sad, because someone I consider to be a very cool person and a friend (for the few times I see him, lol) is moving, but I'm excited for him, that he's taking on a new opportunity. He deserves it! (Love you, Mark!!)

A recap of my evening - singing, pool, and Destructo-Jess breaking the Denny's bathroom, piece by piece. ;) And "Jamie, you always pick the best friends!" (Sandy, in reference to getting my co-worker Jim to hang out with us. Poor Jim. His musician's ears must have been bleeding after karaoke last night...)

I have an knack for picking and matching up similar people to all hang out. What can I say?

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