Saturday, February 6, 2010

People are so rude...

As a back story, we live in an apartment, over a shop, on Main Street. As a result, our parking is behind the building, in a shared lot. However, our spots are clearly marked as being for our residents only.

Will and I went for a quick drive so I could give my opinion on what is going on with the car, (a whole separate post,) but as we pull back into the lot, a truck takes the last spot for our apartments. (We get a lot of overflow from the restaurant next door.) Will rolls the window down and I pull up next to him and asks, "Do you live in these apartments?", points to the sign, and says, "Because these spots are clearly marked for those apartments only." The guy says "No", smirks, and starts to walk away. So Will says, "Fine, babe, call the tow company", loud enough for him to hear. The guy turns around and starts getting shitty with Will!

Um, hello, if you can't read the sign you just PARKED IN FRONT OF, you shouldn't be driving. AND, when I come to your neighborhood, I don't park in your driveway, I use the public parking, AKA the ROAD, to park.

The guy's wife convinced him to move his truck. LOL.

But I seriously thought the guy was going to get physical with Will. What a jackass.

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