Monday, March 14, 2011

I am frustrated.

Even my dreams won't let me have a bit of rest. I had weird dreams all night of having a newborn, and somehow I had to go back to traveling for work when it (he or she was never revealed in the dream) was only 2 weeks old. And I couldn't find a babysitter. So I was trying to travel with a 2 weeks old and take it to work with me.

So, something I haven't mentioned much here is that I've officially been declared diabetic by my PCP. He's sending me to an endocrinologist, because apparently the oral diabetes medications are not approved for sue during conception/pregnancy, so while we're trying, my only option is... vials/injections.

To say I am bummed is an understatement. I want to do what is best for my health, but really? As if I needed something else added on. Now I have to worry about finding hotel rooms with a fridge, how to get this stuff through airport security in the right way. I have to add testing my blood sugar to my list of morning activities, on top of temping, and my usual morning routine.

I know, I am whining. My health is at stake, and I should just be gung ho about taking care of it. But, this is my blog, so whine whine bitch whine. ;)

Or, you never know, maybe when I get to the endo, they'll have a different opinion? It's really up to them. Making the appointment today...


  1. My blood sugar and a1c levels fluctuate so much between, borderline diabetic, diabetic back to normal that I've started to just ignore it. Granted i'm at 30 (Not that it's old) I can see where I would be more proactive than I am now. When they told me about the diabetes, I was pretty upset. It was like one thing on top of another at that point, and it was like that was the icing on the freaking cake. I remember thinking that in 20 years I'd have to be on insulin & never be able to eat what I wanted. I let all of the negatives get to me and was totally a debbie downer about it. Not that diabetes is anything to get excited about.
    A good friend of mine who has PCOS also has a high a1c. She doesn't eat any different, and she doesn't even check her blood sugar. I guess it's not super high, but she doesn't take her metformin that she was prescribed either. Something, that I'm guilty of as well.
    She told me something to this effect, "With the fact that the majority of america is overweight, and eats horrible, pretty much everyone is going to be borderline diabetic, or diabetic soon, so I'm not going to be upset about myself."

    At the really didn't make me feel that much better, but's something. You have a legitimate reason, PCOS sucks ass.

    Also, you can take metformin while TTC, and some people take it up to the 12th week of pregnancy. How long is it going to take you to get into see an Endo ? At wvu it was like a 6 month wait & I had to take a shit ton of diabetes classes. So, I went to Pittsburgh & got in pretty quick. Now that i've moved I haven't found a new one, because it's not urgent or anything.

    Don't be upset about the insulin, if you would of gotten gestational diabetes (which ALOT of PCOS-ers do, chances are you would of needed it then, anyways.) You will get so accustomed to needles..I mean I've been on lovenox for like 10 months now, it's just a normal part of life.
    I do feel for you having to deal with traveling with it, I know that can be frustrating, but you are smart & you will figure it out.

  2. Yeah, I had to stop the Metformin. I was practically shitting my pants every time I took it (sorry, TMI), they kept saying I'd get used to it, well, 4 months later, I said screw this. So, I'm out of options. I did get an appointment with the endo in 2 weeks, thankfully, I could have gotten one next week, but it would have made me take a half day of work, which I didn't want to do. Hopefully this will all work out...

  3. lol!! I just followed up on this, that's why I quit taking my metformin. My theory in the weight loss behind it is that it comes from shitting. I have heard that the extended release is a lot better on most peoples stomachs. So you could ask the endo about that.