Monday, March 21, 2011

On a lighter note...

I've officially lost 8lbs this month. WOOHOO!

Finally, something is working!


  1. That is FANTASTIC! Any sign of AF...when are we expecting it?

    I've been eating my feelings lately in the form of lots of little debbie cakes. So....I'm not doing so great in the weight loss department.

  2. Still no sign of AF, today's CD32. But, I wasn't temping the whole month, and it LOOKS like I may have O'd on CD29. But I don't have the beginning of the month temps to back that up. So..... now we wait. The last test I took was on Saturday, CD30, and was negative. Now, I usually O on CD13 while on Clomid, but we all know that's not a guarantee. We'll see, I guess!