Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finishing what I started earlier....

Lessons I have learned in the past year.

Never assume there will be a next time.

Never assume you know what you'll do in any situation. There's a post on this very blog that talks about how Will and I could never abort if something was wrong with our baby... oh boy, that can change in an instant, when you're given the choice between being able to MAYBE see your baby alive, versus letting nature take its course and birthing when your body wants to, but risking the possibility that your baby will die inside you. THERE is a life changing decision, for sure.

Never assume you know who will be there for you, because the closest people to you sometimes can't handle the major events in your life, and will yank the rug out from under you, and make it all about them.

Never assume that you know who will stand right there with you until the bitter end, because you never know who it will be that sits on AIM with you until 4am while you chain smoke and bawl your eyes out hours before going to the hospital. (Love you, Lizifur!!)

More later...

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