Monday, March 22, 2010

Now that we've passed my day of mourning...

...let's look ahead, shall we?

First of all, if you've been reading for a bit, you know that I have had multiple problems with my OB/GYN, inculding, but not limited to rude comments, a too busy office, lack of appointment times, and a general lack of concern or treatment for my PCOS. I finally bit the bullet, and last week I went to a new doctor... who is AMAZING. The minute I mentioned my PCOS diagnosis, he gave me a laundry list of site to visit and made me stop trying to justify my attempt to lose weight, saying, "I'm not going to yell at you, girlie, I believe that you're trying. That's the best thing you can do!" Also, after hearing my history with Patrick, subsequent horrible doctor's visits, myriad of blood draws and tests, he decided we were skipping the small stuff and going straight to... Clomid.

First off, it's nice to have a doctor who listens to you. And believes you. And takes the extra minute of the appointment to look at the paper proof you've brought with you. Secondly, I'm grateful that he's not running a ton of his own tests. He trusts that the blood draws from 2 months ago are recent enough to run on.

So, what does this mean? Well, today marks day 6 of Provera, to force a period. Then, on day 5 of said period, I start the Clomid. On days 9-16, we're a once a day, every other day couple. Then, we wait. The dreaded 2 week wait.

My hope and outlook are much brighter, knowing that I'm being heard. Even though seem like it yet, I think it's slowly improving my marriage, in that my mind has been freed of my baby worries for the time being, so I'm able to think of other things a little more rationally. After a loss, the quest for another baby consumes your entire life, sadly.

I'm trying to be rational, I know that it won't necessarily happen right away, and results/chance of pregnancy improve over time, being on Clomid, but I can't help but be cautiously excited at the possibility that in another month or so, I could be seeing a positive pregnancy test...


  1. Good luck! I'm so glad you saw a new doctor who actually listens to you. I was just put on metformin because my A1C was elevated. Are you still on metformin? (i though i read you were..) which sucks, because knowing that i'm only 23 and could develop diabetes, blows.
    I hope you have good luck with the clomid, we did. Fingers crossed for a positive test soon!

  2. Yep, still on the Metformin too, 250mg a day, and it's still killing my stomach. Ugh! My A1C was 6.2 at my last draw, so I'm borderline... it just sucks being sick all the time!