Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've been doing good, so here's where I'm failing...

I feel like maybe I should admit what is still weighing on my mind... let it out and let it go. For example...

A year ago, I heard, for the first and only time, Patrick's heartbeat. I cried. And AFTER the doctor took away the Doppler, she said we could have recorded it on our cell phones. And I said, "Hey, that's an awesome idea, we should do that at the next appointment!"

How fitting that the next appointment was scheduled the same day Patrick was born.

Lesson learned: Never say "next time". You have no idea if there will be one.

There's more, but I need to pull it together before I post anything, seeing as how thinking about this is causing major tears right now.

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  1. Thoughts, prayers, hugs & snugs. Love you lady! <3