Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm beginning to think....

....that life will never just BE.

Had my review for work today. Got the shaft. Lovely. Long story, but suffice it to say that a glowing review does nothing for employee morale, if you then say, "Well, we gave you more than enough of a raise last time, so nothing for you now."

You DIDN'T give me a raise. You switched me from hourly (with required overtime) to salaried, and bumped up the salary number, comparing it to my base hourly wage. On paper, I got a hell of a raise. In reality... I got about 25 cents an hour.

So, re-thinking your previous statement, 25 cents was too much to give me, in the two years I've worked my ass off for you? THAT makes me feel valuable...


On the plus side, I got a beautiful watch from my hubby for Valentine's Day... but it's not the watch that tickled me, so much as the sentiment behind it...

"You already have nice earrings and a necklace, but they're your nice ones and you don't wear them on the road. I thought a really nice watch would give you something to wear more often, AND help you look more professional."

This same man gave me an e-reader for our anniversary last year, so I would have something to do in the airports. It is so nice to be with someone who really thinks about me, and what would benefit me. He could give me a shiny new ziplock baggie, but if he told me it was for my travel toiletries because my old one is looking ragged, I would be pleased as punch. (Tickled? Pleased as punch? What's come over me today....?)

I just love that he really thinks through it, when he gets me something, no matter how big, or how small. :)


  1. Ugh. When I moved to WV I didn't get a raise the first year because, "i made too much for WV" then the next year I got 2% (where as most people get 4%).
    It sucks but I guess I could give you the whole "you should be happy you have a job.." I'd like to add some Charlie Brown music to it though lol.

  2. It was more a slap in the face than anything. Ah well. I've been taking it in the ass from them for 2 years, might as well keep on. At least here, I know what kind of BS I am up against. ;)