Thursday, February 17, 2011

My day goes a little like this....

This is going to sound bratty, but I hate being in the office. Granted, my weeks out of the office are usually hell on earth, but at least I am mentally occupied/challenged most of the time, and I'm on my feet about 75% of the time, so I am constantly moving.

Being in the office, however, is completely different. Here's a rundown of a typical office day:

7:30a - Try to arrive by this time. Usually still stuck in traffic.

7:45a - Stumble in the door, briefcase/laptop in one hand, wallet, phone, smokes, and drink in the other. Wonder if I have anything in my desk for lunch. Contemplate calling in. Be seen by my boss, thus rendering any more thoughts of calling in uesless. Toss everything onto desk.

8:00a - Start my status calls. Call all current customers for updates on various things. No one answers. Leave voicemails for all of them.

8:10a - Status calls out of the way, I settle in for a bit of reading internet news.

9:15a - Bridget (coworker) comes over, and invites me to join her for a smoke break. Of course. I needed a break from, anyways.

9:30a - On the way back in, get cornered by Jeremy, the shipping guy. Chit chat with him, then stop by my old manager's desk to BS, a final stop at my roommate's desk to decide what we should have for dinner tonight. Head back towards my desk.

10:20a - Um, how did I just spend 50 minutes BSing with people? Ooops. No customers have called back yet.

10:45a - Complete an email exchange between myself and my mother, debating the merits of online grocery shopping. Realize that I need to do just that, but not sure what's in checking. Check balance. Realize I got paid yesterday. Let's pay some bills.

11:15a - 30 minutes, and $700 later, all the utilities are paid. Here's hoping what's left lasts another 2 weeks.

11:30a - spend 30 minutes checking various local food websites, for nutritional content. Choose Panda Express, and head out.

12:15p - Arrive at Panda, forget the whole, carefully planned, heathier options-meal I chose, get my usual (steamed rice and broccoli beef. It's not horrible, but I could do better).

12:45p - Arrive back at work. Eat lunch while pondering if calling customers back in the afternoon is too pushy (I'm not sales, they've already bought the product and I'm trying to get it installed for them. So it's not like I'm pushing a product.) Decide I will call a few again. Read some more news while eating.

1:30p - Realize that I've wasted 45 minutes reading trash about the Royal wedding. Toss the garbage.

1:45p - carry a machine I finished yesterday to shipping. While there, decide it's the perfect opportunity to step outside with the service guys for a smoke.

2:00p - Make a few MORE calls, and leave a few MORE voicemails. Wonder why, if these people already paid for these $20K pieces of equipment, they can't even return my calls for me to come actually INSTALL it.

2:30p - Meeting to discuss a coworker's customer. Mostly, I'm there because I have to be. Not my customer, not my install, so I do little more than listen and nod. Start to fall asleep, pinch myself a few times.

3:30p - Out of the meeting. Check voicemail. No return calls. No new emails. No new sales, so no new equipment to QC.

4:00p - Gather up things, turn off computer. Run into manager on the way out. Discuss with him, for 25 minutes, the status on all my customers (which is the same as it was a few days ago, sadly). Get in the car. Get home.

5:00p - Fall asleep on the couch.

Now, can someone explain to me why I am so TIRED, after that horribly dull day?

I miss being on the road. :( Hopefully I'll be heading to Denver next week though...

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