Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eff you, Jillian Michaels...

Did the 30 Day Shred last night. Now, I'm not planning on doing the program in just 30 days. You see, (and this is not excuses, just facts), I am too fat to do her program fully.

Hear me out.

She claims jumping jacks can be done by anyone, as well as pushups. Um... have you ever had a good 50lbs of straight up FAT bouncing up and down on your midsection as you do your jumping jacks, Jillian? It causes a wave effect, so boobs also fly up, and even the best bra can't keep a set of DD's down. And it just plain HURTS. The skin pulling like that, I mean.

Also, pushups are really shitty on someone how has carpal tunnal in both wrists.

On the flip side, I do love the circuit training/muscle confusion method, because I don't get bored and it goes pretty quickly. I don't mind the abs routines, or the strength training, because it burns, but I can make it through, and do the exercises properly.

So for right now, I plan on alternating the 30 Day Shred, and a weight loss yoga DVD I have. Until I can comfortably (ok, well not COMFORTABLY, but without feeling like my giant stomach is going to fall off) do the jumping jacks. The pushups are just something I'll have to keep at too.

Then, Jillian Michaels, I will accept your challenge fully.

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