Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strike 3 (5?)

I put my foot down today. AF reared her head, and I lost it. I called my doctor, and told him I am not refilling my last Clomid Rx. He agreed to send me to an RE, first I have an appointment in 2 weeks for an annual, and then we'll get the referral.

It sucks that I'll lose 1-2 cycles to the appointments, but it already feels better, knowing that we're moving ahead. Now I'm hoping that my sanity holds out if the RE wants to do something more invasive.


  1. I'm so sorry. I really did have my fingers crossed for you. I'm happy that you get to move on to the next step though, that is reassuring. I will keep checking back to see how things go for you. Best of luck (and I'm not just saying that, I really, really mean it.)

  2. Ugghhhh. Fucking PCOS. You know, I know entirely too many people who suffer with IF. I know one girl whose barely 30, never used bcp in her life, periods to the hour, can't get pregnant. Both of been checked out, he's a doctor, she's a pharmacist. The RE told her, her body just doesn't want to get pregnant. What kind of BS is that! They even did a cycle of IUI, nothing. She ovulates, tubes are clear.
    What gives, that people who want and deserve a baby SO bad, can't, when 14 year olds can get pregnant.

    & I'm so sorry Jamie. I wish the dr. would have referred you in the beginning, so you wouldn't have to miss more cycles, and you could already have a better plan.

    I'm almost 3 months out from M and no sign of my period returning, I have gained 13-15ish pounds back, and I'm feeling like I will never lose any weight, ever.

    FWIW I have another PCOS'er friend, used clomid/metformin for first baby, fairly easily, the 2nd..they didn't get pregnant until the 6th month of clomid.

    I wish they knew more about PCOS, because sometimes, I just feel like they don't.

    Again, very sorry. Can you call the RE now, and tell them you are getting a referral, but want to go ahead and schedule so you don't miss as many cycles? And you could even have the dr. fax the referral to them if necessary.