Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another week....

17 weeks, 4 days today! And a milestone, I THINK.... after conferring with my trusty Bump girls, I think I felt baby from the outside!!

There was a post earlier where some of the girls were talking about baby being to one side or the other. When I got home from work, just for the heck of it, I felt around my ute area to see if I was lopsided. Not expecting to feel much since I'm not THAT far along. Anyways, I found that I seemed to be more to the left. I pushed in slowly, just kind of probing, not sure if I was even in the right area, and I SWEAR I felt the tiniest of a flick on my fingertips all of a sudden.


No major cravings lately, in fact, the last 2 days my morning sickness is back again with a passion, which SUCKS! Although PB&J sandwiches are really hitting the spot the last week or so.

A week and a half until my doctor's appointment - I can't wait!

And DROPKICK MURPHYS CONCERT ON FRIDAY! This is gonna be a kick ass next two weeks!

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