Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, can you believe this?

Day 38, and still no AF. What is going on here? I usually to be like 35 days, max. I'm getting concerned. Either something is wrong, or we're knocked up. Or my body just thinks it's funny to make me worry. LOL!

Good news: I WON SOMETHING!! First off, must give love to my girl - It's a super fun blog, and this is one super fun girl (I have the pleasure of hearing lots of fun details about her upcoming pregnancy on a message board we both frequent) and she had a drawing for a super AWESOME Dalla Nonna Calendar Necklace. And guess who won? ME! And I never win ANYTHING!

Did I mention, also, that mom bought a new car, and is handing her old one off to me, so no more sharing a car for Will and I?

Perhaps things are turning around....

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