Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy ta tas!

Well, the inevitable is happening... I'm growing porn star boobs. Yep, here they come. Never in my lifetime have them been this big, or this firm. It's amusing, until I realize that they are attached to me and they HURT LIKE A MOFO! And they like to knock things over.

I wore a tight bra to bed last night, plus wrapped a giant ace bandage around myself. When finished, I looked like a fat man. HAHA. While Will was at work, he got some cabbage and brought it home for me, so I'm going to try the cabbage leaves in the bra trick at night - we'll see how that goes - NOT looking forward to that!

My butterfly pendant has shipped and I am crossing my fingers that it gets here by Wednesday - I'm now kicking myself that I didn't just pay for the faster shipping. I would prefer it to come in before we pick up Patrick's ashes from the funeral home, as they have offered to fill it for me when we go there, and truth be told, while I have been handling things quite well, I think having to pop open the bag of my son's ashes and scoop some out would be more than even I can handle.

Here's hoping these last few things will fall into place, and the boobs will calm down a bit, and we can just move along through the grieving process.

And on a lighter note, the March of Dimes Virtual Band in Patrick's name is now up to $525! I can't believe it!


  1. Aaahaaahaa. I laughed about that. I'm jealous. I wants porn star boobs. Lol.

    As for the ashes and the pendant...I would say even if it comes later than when you pick up the ashes, I'm sure they'd be totally cool with you bringing them the ashes and the pendant when it arrives and kindly ask them to do it (for obvious reasons, ashes are still remains and therefore an emotional deal for you.)

    Cabbage in the bra? Wtf? Lol.

    Anywayssss...I'll talk to you later.

    /blog stalking

  2. Talk to the funeral home about the pendant. We did this for my step-dad who passed last year. We got teardrop pendants with his ashes in them. When we picked up his ashes, the funeral home had the pendants with ashes already in them ready for us as well.

    Good luck with everything, as you'll continue to be in my thoughts!