Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trying to sort my thoughts.....

We went to the funeral home today. The funeral director (who is a friend of a friend) was really nice, and gave us a great deal. God, that sounds so wrong to say!! It was just nice to not feel like we were being taken advantage of or anything. Patrick's ashes will be ready on Wednesday, and they will also take care of filling and sealing the cremation pendant we bought as well. It was a hard trip to make but I'm glad it's out of the way.

I started to pack up some maternity clothes that I hadn't quite grown into yet. I don't think I will need the pants anymore either, there's already a difference in fit, and I hadn't gained much to begin with. So, no time like the present to get back onto the diet I was on pre pregnancy. I felt like the weight I lost was what got us pregnant in the first place (2 years of unprotected sex with no result, I lose 25lbs and suddenly we were pregnant... what do you think??) So it's time to get back on that. Perhaps it will help for next time...

I am confident there will be a next time. We were never trying and I think we will go back to our same method of letting fate decide what is best for us.

Here's hoping that fate decides sooner than later. In the meantime, I can focus on what's getting me through this - raising money for a good cause. The March of Dimes page in Patrick's name has raised $505 so far! What an amazing, generous gift, and most of it from people who don't even know us, and have just been following our story here through this blog.

I will never forget, ever in my lifetime, the generosity of strangers. And I plan on telling my future children all about this as well, so maybe they'll be inspired to give back someday as well.

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