Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeping busy and updated...

I've always been the type of person to write out what I am thinking. It helps me process my thoughts, and I like being able to remember stressful situations by reading them, rather than my grasping onto them in my head. The idea of losing the memories upsets me more than thinking about them.

That being said, we leave in an hour, and I'm TERRIFIED. I'm taking a notebook to journal things in case we can't get online, but if we can, then I will update on this blog here. Anyone who cares to read it is welcome to.

I got out the blanket and bear I bought for baby, and they're ready to go with everything else. I really am looking forward to having pictures of the baby with them, and then being able to hold those things anytime I want later. It comforts me already to think about it.

I'm just praying that when this all finally happens, that baby will be at peace, and we will also find some peace in this, and baby is not in any pain.

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