Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some random things I am noticing so far... that stand out to me.

There was a girl in the waiting room this morning reading a magazine from the BACK to the FRONT. Very strange.

When they opened the door to our room, there could have been an electric chair in here and I would have felt the same as I did walking into a regular room.

Surprisingly, we've been here for almost 3 hours now, and I'm quite calm. The first dose of medication (which I cannot for the life of me recall the name, though I knew it off the top of my head earlier, but is a small pill inserted onto the cervix), was put in at 1pm. This will happen every four hours as needed.

I don't have an IV, I decided not to put one in until I felt I really needed pain medication, if at all. I'm not in pain, but I am noticing some twinges here and there, and a sharp pain every once in a while, but nothing unbearable.

Unlike some other states, IL does not require the baby to be given anything to stop its heart before the procedure has begun, so as far as we know, baby is still kicking in there. It's hard, at this point, for me to differentiate between possible kicks and twinges of the uterus. we've still got a long way to go. I have asked to not have the fetal heart rate monitored. I don't want to know when baby goes. I am trying to keep that part as peaceful as possible, and keep the memory of that strong heartbeat we last heard as our most recent one.

I'm on a clear liquid diet right now and I am STARVING, I've ordered some food (chicken broth, yay) and I will keep on updating as I feel it's necessary, if have something to say.

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