Monday, March 2, 2009

So, we finally got around to seeing the new Friday the 13th. Thank god we had a free ticket. My popcorn was more exciting. But at least we can say we tried.

What a crazy weekend. Dropkick Murphys on Friday night, came home, got about 5 hours of sleep, spent all day Saturday at a funeral. Came home, Will was asleep by 5pm, me by 6pm. I know he got up for a bit that night but I slept straight through until 7am Sunday. Bummed around for a bit, took a shower, went to Noodles & Co. for lunch, then a movie, then home. PLayed some xBox, will slept, then he went to work. And I was off to bed. Fun but non stop. I'm tiiiiired still!

I GO TO THE DOCTOR ON THURSDAY! Soooooo happy about that one....

No cravings, heartburn gone, nausea gone, boobs don't hurt. Only gained 4lbs. Kind of getting nervous that something's wrong. :(

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