Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are still waiting.

I took my Ambien and it helped a lot. I was able to fall asleep fast, though I woke up a lot. At about 1:15am our new nurse came in, Shawna, along with the doc to do the next pill. Still a fingertip dialated, no real progress, the doc figured out that for some reason the last pill didn't dissolve fully, so she had to DIG IT OUT.

My poor, poor cervix. Yikes!

Put in the next pill and I was able to go to sleep. Until about 20 minutes ago, I woke up with the most intense pressure and pain I've had yet. I took a deep breath and tried to keep calm and then it dawned on me, these aren't really labor pains.... I went to the bathroom and sure enough, diarhea has started (sorry, a bit TMI) but this is a good sign. It means things are progressing as they should.

No increase in pain, just pressure. Like, sorry, but a fart you can't shake loose. Very strange.

So far, I am not a fan of Shawna, the new nurse. The other two nurses didn't push me about having an IV, but Shawna is pushing me to do it. In my drugged state last time around I agreed to do it on this next go round, but I'm going to question it when she comes to do it around 5:30a. I have yet to ask for a single pain medication, I'm drinking my water faithfully, I don't see a need for it, especially not "just in case", they're very uncomfortable for me, so I think I'm going to argue back on that one.

I would really like a cheeseburger and a cigarette at this point. I'm getting quite antsy. We've been here at the hospital since 9:30am, with induction starting at around 1pm, so we're at about 15 hours so far. They said 12-24, 12 has come and gone, so now we continue to wait...

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